Monday, August 31, 2015

Hive 1 block for Jennifer

This was a fun block to make. Thanks, Jennifer!  I mailed it at the end of last week but had not yet posted.  It will be fun to see the finished top!

As for your question, we have a Golden Doodle named Molly Jane.  She is sweet and devoted. She follows me everywhere and tries to sit between my feet when I sew.  Ironically, the name of my blog, (which is a blog in name only because I never posted after creating it) is from our Great Dane, Annie Hazel.     The blog title, Trouble with Annie, comes from the fact that she was a naughty, if beloved, pet.  She knew she was not supposed to do something, but did it anyway.  She would even roll her eyes at me (!) when I would come upon her lying on the sofa and tell her to get off.  Sadly, though, she died at 4 years.

Molly Jane

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