Saturday, August 29, 2015

August block for Debbie hive 3

It's Jennifer from Utah. This block proved really fun to make as my sewing machine has been very neglected this summer and this went together so fast. Thanks Debbie!! 

Debbie's asked how we got started. Well, I come from a seamstress family. My great grandmothe Ava sewed all of her 3 daughters clothes during World War II even a white dress out of a parachute for my grandmother. My mother picked up sewing as a teenager and is a master of patterns sewing my wedding dress. When we were newly married, I had finished college and found myself a little board while my husband had night classes still. So I took a community quilting 101 class. It was a rag quilt. We'll 8 rag quilts later I needed a new pattern and started looking online. That changed it all for me. I love feeling fabric and quilting and hand binding is my favorite! I'm too the point that I'm teaching my seamstress mother how to quilt!

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mumziepooh said...

Beautiful block! I love the colors! Thanks for that story - it's similar to my start! My grandmother could make beauty from ashes! Such a legacy.