Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hive 8 August 2015 Quasar Star Blocks

Happy August everyone! I excited to be the queen bee this month. I am a new member this year to Stash Bee and am totally enjoying the experience.  I’ve been quilting for more than 30 years and would generally call myself a traditional quilter.  However that said, I do enjoy all the modern quilting blocks, techniques, and fabrics.

I am also a newbie to adding a blogpost.  It has been quite a sharp learning curve to get my posts into the hive.  We also have recently purchased a new Mac computer and that has also been a challenge.

I have a long term project (3-year) to complete 18 Quilts of Valor.  I am loosing steam getting this last quilt completed and need your help.

The first 6 were completed on 2013 and were give the the Reno Nevada VA. The next 6 were completed and given to the Phoenix Arizona VA in 2014. The last six should be given to the Phoenix VA by year end 2015. Three of this last group are complete. Two are tops ready for quilting and the last one has the center medallion and block ideas. Many thanks to all of you for your contributions to my charity project.

Here is the center medallion: Quilt of Valor center
Here is where I need your help making the surrounding blocks.

I have chosen the Quasar Star to surround this center medallion.Please use white or white on white backgrounds with reds and blues. The reds can be from brights to deeps and even maroon and blues can be from medium to dark navy.  If you patriotic fabrics that you would like to add here, please do.  

Since the background of the block is white, please use white thread.  
Press however works best for you.
In the original blog post her block was 8 inches and I have resized the block to 12. The original link in the blog may be a private link and many do not have access. The original post is from

Here is a sample block.

Here is the cutting guide:
Background: white or white on whites

Piece   1       Cut 4       3.5 inch squares
          2       Cut 8        2 inch squares
          3       Cut 8        2 X 3.5 inch rectangles

Focus fabrics: reds and blues

Piece   A      Cut 4        2.5 inch squares
          B      Cut 4        2 inch squares
          C      Cut 4        2 X 3.5 inch rectangles
          D      Cut 4        2 X 5 inch rectangles
          E       Cut 4       2 X 6.5 inch rectangles 

Here are my pieces ready to sew!  

I think the toughest part of this block is choosing the fabrics.  The block cutting and construction go quickly and I completed my block is less than an hour.

The blocks should be 12.5 inches.

Thank you all so much for helping me finish the longterm project.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your version of Quasar! Thank you for sharing such a pretty design for a good cause.