Friday, August 28, 2015

Hive 2, August blocks for Christine

August was a little slow to get started, Christine was a little late to get her post up and going, and that suited me, I was a little late to get going ... graduations, family home etc, you know the type of thing.

 Luckily Christine's block was a delight to do. Christine had previously taken part in a Sunday Morning Quilts hive and wanted to add to her stock of blocks. She requested that we use low volume fabrics, this means quiet restful fabrics that don't shout out. This must be the month for it, Carla in Hive 7 also requested quiet restful fabrics. I did sneak in a little black on cream, but hopefully the black will be subdued and well behaved. I think I'm ok, the black comes in the form of glasses, nerdy glasses. Nerds aren't known for the loudness, more for studious creativity.

the blocks came 2 by 2

We were to use 5 strips of 2.5 x 8.5" fabric, sew the long sides together. Then, add a 3 x 11" strip to the short end. Christine said to leave the block untrimmed. Because this was such a simple block, Christine wondered if we could make more than 1 block. Yes, of course. They were such a joy to make, I made 4. No tricky hst here!
all 4 blocks

The photos aren't great, a little shadow here and there. This is one of the few days this summer when we have had sunshine. With a rugby match to go to Dublin tomorrow and a Bank Holiday on Monday, these need to go in today's post to catch the deadline. So, excuse the shadows.

I also think, if I am going to keep my slippers on in these photos, it is time for new slippers. Trust me, my slippers are better than my feet, as my husband will testify.

Helen x

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