Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hive 2 August Tutorial

Hello Hive 2!


OMG...FINALLY the post you have been waiting for! (Well, not really, but still...)

I am so sorry that this post is so late - I was out of town at the beginning of the month, and my return back to Chicago was followed by a dose of reality - a string of back-to-back doubles for my grossly understaffed floor, and, then finally when I had a chance to breathe?  First, I had to spend an evening recuperating (no joke), and then, my internet goes out. This is okay as I was looking for my copy of Sunday Morning Quilts, but of course, it's lost. But after a quick trip to the library this afternoon, we're back in business!

Anyways. Let's get to the meat and potatoes! :)

Last year, as part of the [Flickr] Sunday Morning Quilts bee, I requested the namesake Sunday Morning blocks. I collected a *whole lot* of low volume blocks from ladies all over the globe:

Aren't they just gorgeous?!? 

I unfortunately never got around to completing any more blocks, but would absolutely *love* to have a queen-sized Sunday Morning I am enlisting your help! :)

I'd love for you to make me a Sunday Morning block! (or two...or three...or I pushing my luck?!?) I *promise* this will be the easiest block you ever make!

You will need some random low volume fabric. Some examples are below:

Ooh, so soft and lovely!
From these low volume prints, for each block you will need to cut:

1 - 3x11" strip
5 - 2.5x8.5" strips

Take your five 2.5x8.5" strips and zip them through the machine, along the long sides:

Once the five strips are sewn together, give them a good press:

Then, attach the 3x11" vertical strip, et voilà! You're done!

The vertical strip will be slightly longer than the rest of the block. That's okay. Just leave the block untrimmed...I will square them all up once they're all together! 

I can't wait to see what you ladies come up are all so inspiring!

I don't have a question for the month, but, as someone who doesn't really know how to cook and is looking to improve, I'd like to know your most favorite easy recipe (with either recipe or link)! Yum-my! :)

Thank you again...I really appreciate everything. And THANK YOU for your patience! Sorry for the delay!


Willa said...

The pictures won't open on my computer...

mumziepooh said...

Hey - I see my blocks! I haven't finished my quilt from the flickr bee, either.....that would have been a good thing to ask for from the stash bee. Ah well.


Kelly H. said...

I love this! Where in Chicagoland are you? I am here too!