Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hive 3 August

Hey all, Martina here!

Here is the block for Debbie - I made it "reversible" in that she can decide which Kokeshi doll she would like to be right side up :)

Debbie asked us what inspired us to begin sewing. I come from sewing clothes–I was inspired by the fact that I had to alter my Dirndl after my second pregnancy. From there, I started getting into sewing clothes for my children and myself.
When we left Okinawa, my dear neighbor gave me a keepsake quilt that she bought locally at the post exchange. She knew I loved fabric and she wanted to give me something that reminded me of the island and their family. While the panels may very well be mass-produced, the quilt is hand-quilted and hand-bound and I am forever grateful for my friend to have given me this quilt.

After Okinawa, we moved to Monterey, CA and as luck would have it, our neighbor brought over a few quilts for us to keep warm while we were waiting for out furniture to arrive. I took that as a sign, and started looking into quilting more. I came across a Craftsy kit and that was the end of my garment sewing and beginning of my love for quilting :)

Debbie, I hope you like the block, it is in the mail tomorrow!


mumziepooh said...

This is such a special block - I laughed out loud when I saw it - it's so bubbly and cheerful! Perfect and I LOVE the dolls and the background - so bubbly. It will always remind me of your story about how you started quilting! Thank you!

Unknown said...

What a great story!

SewLiab said...

Aw thanks :)

mumziepooh said...

From far, far away, this lovely block came today! Thank you so much!!!