Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hive 8 - January Tutorial

Happy New Year to you all!!

Hi it's Abigail from cut&alter here and I am so excited to be the Hive Mama of Hive 8 and to be Queen Bee for January.  My block choice this year was never in doubt - I am requesting the same block I asked for last year.  I was so happy with my choice and the blocks I received last year that I wanted to make the quilt bigger.  I thought I would make up some more blocks but for me the beauty of the block is all the different fabrics that go into it and I just don't have enough variety.

So this is where Hive 8 this year can help out ...... I would love a block like this:

I first saw it in a local quilt shop where it was called Kisses and Crosses, but have since seen it on the Stash Bee referencing Lori Holt's Cross Roads Block.  Whatever it's called I loved the look of this quilt, which is a Stash Bee finish from last year (and Cyndi was a Hive Fiver too!).

Fabric requirements:

- 8 squares of low volume fabric cut to 4 1/2"

This was my initial choice for the low volume squares, but I ended up swapping the square with the X on it for a white on white print.  Whilst it looked OK, when I turned the photo to B&W on the camera it read as mid volume and was just too dark.

- 48 squares of scrap fabric cut to 2 1/2"

I really want a colourful scrappy quilt so really anything goes .... apart from brown please!  As you can see on my example I have used almost 48 different fabrics (there are a couple of repeats).  If you can do that it would be great but if you don't have a scrap stash like that then don't worry and repeat fabric but please try to keep it away from each other.

Sew 4 small squares together into a 4 patch
Iron seams to one side and interlock seams when joining rows
This block will measure 4 1/2" square
Make 4 and set aside

Take 16 small squares and mark the diagonal line on the back
Place 2 small squares in opposite corners of the large square

Sew along the line - I find that I get a better finish when I sew a needle's width to the outside of the line
Press to set the seam and then iron open

Trim the excess fabric away
This block will measure 4 1/2" square
Make 8 blocks like this

Take 2 triangle blocks and join together matching the seams
Press seam open

This block will measure 4 1/2" x 8 1/2"
Make 4 blocks like this

Using the remaining 16 small squares make four 4 patches and then join together to make a 16 patch
Lay out as a 9 patch formation - ensuring triangle blocks are facing the correct way

Join together as rows

Press seams in the direction shown by the arrow below

Join top and bottom rows to centre row

Press seams in the direction shown by the arrow below

And that's it!!  I do have another request ...... I was wondering if you would all be happy to make a signature block for me to piece into the back?  It would be a lovely reminder of all my wonderful Hive mates.  I have made an example which fits with the front very well (!), which you can see below, but you could do your own thing if you want.   It just needs to have you name and location on it.

Here's a shot of some of the blocks I received last year ....

.... and I truly, madly, deeply love this quilt!!  This quilt is now called Noughts and Crosses, the name my daughter gave it when she saw these blocks on my design wall!

Any questions please do ask and I am so looking forward to receiving your lovely blocks!  Thank you very much in advance. x


Susan said...

I love this block. It can become a Baby quilt if 5" squares are used and a border is added.

Emily said...

Oooh, Susan, that's a great idea!!

Patty said...

Wonderful idea to make your quilt larger! I spy my block from last year!

Patty said...

Wonderful idea to make your quilt larger! I spy my block from last year!

Patty said...

Wonderful idea to make your quilt larger! I spy my block from last year!

niveas said...

I love your block and the quilt :) Sorry for being so quiet at the end of the year - I was in holidays. But now I'm finally back on track and will sew next weekend :)
Greetings from Switzerland, Ursula