Sunday, January 1, 2017

January blocks for Emily/ Hive 6

A Magical Forest, well at least 3 trees.

Hive 6 blocks for the Magical Forest.
I had fun pulling all my pinks, purples, fuschias, and magentas.
It is not a color I use much, but can really add a pop
. I had just made 8 trees for a tree skirt for my son and daughter in law for Christmas, so was somewhat familiar with the technique.  
I got going on a role cutting diagonal strips. 
I know I was to do one, but more is better, right? 
Photos don't reveal the colors well,  as they are taken at night. 
Backgrounds are baby blue, each a different fabric.

As for where to take you to visit, Waukesha is a city of about 75,000 and a suburb of Milwaukee. Lake Michigan is a great place to see but about a good half hour away. I would probably take you downtown Waukesha where there are several small eateries, a good book store, chocolate store and an awesome library and park. It has a 5 points in the middle, where 5 streets meet, very unusual. And we even have a couple in town. My grandson especially likes it, so  think your son would too. And if it were summer, not like this snowy cold stuff stuff we have, we would end up going to the gelato store. 


Emily said...

Debbie, these are fabulous!!!! They are absolutely perfect for a magical forest! Your downtown Waukesha sounds lovely.

Kimberly Smith said...

Wow, you're fast! Those are adorable! I gotta get a move on.