Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017, January, Hive 5 Katie's Block

Hello Hive 5. My first quilt post on Blogger and my first block for Stash Bee - I'm a little excited. First a big thank you to Katie for the block instructions that were very clear and easy to follow. I asked to join Stash Bee because A. I wanted to join a quilting community B. I wanted to be a part of more quilts and C. I wanted to learn and this block has done all three.
My standard practice of quickly reading the instructions and then going for it was a fail, I miss cut the 7.5' squares and I sewed the blocks the wrong way around. Best lesson is that I need to slow down and read the instructions,
I made the block with a Bunny and then thought, Katie might not like Bunnies, so I made a Bunny-less block just in case. All fabric is from my stash. The rain clouds are from Japan, the Bunny is from Spoonflower. I think this block is splendid, I love the yellow and grey.
Katie they will be in the post on Monday.
:) Anna  - Miss September


rappy said...

I *heart* the bunnies so much!

Unknown said...

I love all of this, including the bunnies!!! Thank you!