Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hive Three: January Blocks for Tracy

Hello, Judy here.  Tracy requested bear paws in navy, peachy pink, cornflower blue and gold for her January block and asked us not to sew the quarters together.  Being a first time bee participator, I got a bit hung up on color selection for my blocks. I'm a green-blue-violet person and I prefer really saturated colors, so I don't have a lot of peachy-pink in my stash.

How about this? 

Is this too peachy?  Cornflower blue?

Too pinky? 

 How about a bit of gold?

I couldn't decide which best fit Tracy's color choices, so I just shipped the whole lot of them to her and hope she can use some of them.

Judy Rognstad
from the House Above Heck Creek


Unknown said...

I LOOOOVE them! Thank you! I can't wait to start playing with the layout of all of these. :)

Unknown said...

They're all really cute Judy!

Cyndi said...

they look perfect. how nice of you.