Sunday, January 1, 2017

January Tutorial for Hive 2

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

This is Cyndi and I am glad to be Hive Mom for the 2nd year.  Hard to believe but here we are in 2017.  I hope everyone is excited about starting this year's Stash Bee. My pick this for this month's tutorial should make you happy, it is really easy and quick, a Heart Block.  Last year I crashed another hive and made the Heart block and loved it and decided I wanted a Heart Quilt.  I made some blocks but haven't gotten far.  Therefore, I figured this would be a great way to get back to making some more Heart blocks and would be a great way to start off the Stash Bee.

For the background I want white on white material and then for the heart, reds.  Here are some of the ones I have already made.

You will need to cut:
Cut 2--4 1/2" x 8 1/2" Print Fabric
Cut 2--4 1/2"  Background White Square
Cut 4-- 1 1/2" Background Square White

Finish -8 1/2"

Example of cut fabric

Draw diagonal lines on the wrong side of each of you squares. Example of lay out.  Sew on the diagonal lines.

Trim 1/4" from the diagonal lines.  Please press seams toward the printed fabrics. Sew the 2 pieces together and your done.  Told you it was quick and easy.

Can't wait to see your hearts.  If your have any questions feel free to contact me.



Lots of Stitches said...

Hi Cyndi
A little confused there seems to be a lot of instructions missing you go from cutting out to the final sets of the completed block
Can you please update

rappy said...

Cyndi, I have a couple of heart blocks left over from Quilts for Pulse. They're 10.5", with a cute red heart fabric - could you use them for your quilt back? If so let me know and I'm happy to post them to you.


Carmit (Hive 4)