Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hive 9 Jan 2017 block

Happy New Year to you all!

My name is Tanyia and I am the hive mama for Hive 9. I am so excited to start off our year and I am really looking forward to getting to know my bee mates and make some friends. If you want to follow me on IG my user name is beebsinwonderland feel free to tag me when you ship your blocks and when you receive, etc... anything about our hive that you would like to share with everyone else please use the hashtag #stashbee and #stashbeehive You will hear from me mid month with a hive update and reminder to get your blocks done in time.

I just finished moving so I am choosing a house block for my quilt. Unfortunately I am not unpacked so I am not able to whip up a block myself but I found a really great tutorial and will share my color concept with you. I am going for a scrappy, busy look so I am sure that yours scraps will get a little work out and this will be so fun when it comes together!

The block tutorial can be found at

and the colors I am going for

Feel free to use any combination of the colors in any place that you like. I would like the background pieces to be low volume... you can use white, off white, light tan, gray, etc ... if you need to use a solid though, please just use white. The other colors do not have to be exact feel free to use any pinks, corals, melon colors, yellow, mustard, etc. The more print fabrics you use, the better :) I am going for a busy and scrappy look! Just have fun with it!