Friday, January 20, 2017

Hive 1 Block for Diana

Hi everybody!
It's my first year in the stash bee and one of my first bee ever . I signed up for 4 bees this year! :D And it's so much fun! A bit stressful too, because what I feared most (not having the right fabric) started right away with the first month and in several bees! 😁
And also a bit stressful because as a newbie quilter I haven't made that much different blocks. (well actualy it's a lie as I did the 100 days 100 blocks on IG 😄 but you see what I mean.)
Anyway. Here is my block for Diana. I thought I was lucky because it was an easy one to start with, but it actually was challenging. But I'm really happy because I learned a lot. First disappearing 4 patch, first block with pressing the seams open....

But what I like most in beeing part of a bee is to get to know people from around the world! That's really fun!
And thank you Diana for all the organisation and for beeing our special hive mama. 😊
Oph  (@quiltoph)

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Cyndi said...

beautiful fabric choices