Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hive 6 January Block for Emily

Ta-da!  My first (intentionally) wonky and/or improve block!  Thank you for stretching my horizons - it's one of my main 2017 quilty goals.

This pic isn't really very good. The background on the purple is a cloudy cream with tiny blue flecks from the Primitive Gathering Snowmen collection; can't even see them in this photo.  The neon magenta tree is on light gray with white dots.  Evidently I have winter on my brain as well as on my yard. ;-)

There's a full personal post about them on my blog, which you can trace back by clicking my name in purple below (I think).

These blocks are going in the USPS tomorrow!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Kimberly a/k/a Laundered Cotton

1 comment:

Emily said...

Winter on the brain is good--I didn't say it in my post, but this is going to be my Christmas/Winter quilt! So you clearly read my mind :) These look great!