Saturday, January 14, 2017

Crashing Hive 1, Hive 3 and Hive 8

Hello Diana, Tracy and Abigail,

Since I didn't have to make a block this month I thought I would crash a few hives.

First was Hive 1, who could resist such an easy and quick block. Not to mention I love purple! Hope this helps.

Next was Hive 3.  Loved making the bear paw and it went faster than I thought.  I thought it would be more fun making 4 different ones and give Tracy a bigger variety. Also, it was fun using that great Octopus from Heather Bailey's new line and love the way he looks. 

Finally, I had to make one for Hive 8, I had picked that block the first time I was in Stash Bee and it turned out to be one of my favorite quilts I have.  I keep it across my chair in the family room. In addition, I made a block for Abigail last year and saw it in her picture in her tutorial, so another one is on its way to her.

Well I am looking forward to next month and all the new blocks.  I would love to be able to crash a few more hives but I will have to see how the month goes. 



Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

Oh Cyndi, thank you so much! Your purples are so vibrant they are sure to be a wonderful addition the blocks I already have.

Cut&Alter said...

Oh Cyndi - what a lovely surprise!! To have crashed two years in a row - thank you!!!!