Friday, January 20, 2017

Hive 6 January Blocks for Emily

I had fun making the tree blocks today. I started by making a wonky block and finished up realizing it takes more background fabric than I thought! So it's not big enough, and not included in the photo, but is in the package which I mailed yesterday. Then I used the Tri-recs ruler set-it was on the table because I'm in the midst of the Bonnie Hunter mystery project.  The first tree, in purple, seemed a little plain, so I strip pieced some fabrics and made a slab. I used the whole slab, even though it is wider than the max on the tri-recs, by continuing the angle of the cut with another ruler. Sorry if that is confusing!

If I were to show you around my part of the world, in the Blue Ridge mountains, I would take you on a hike up Mount Jefferson. It's not too long or strenuous, and there are wonderful long range views across the western escarpment of the Appalachian Mountains.  Or, we could do our tree watching from a canoe or kayak on the New River. Lots of trees here!