Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hive 4 January block for Stephanie

Greetings, fellow bees!

I'm excited to be back on Stash Bee this year and am having lots of fun with Hive 4 already.

As always, I never get a block right on the first try, so I made one and it came out way too small--3/4" too small! I considered unpicking and redoing it (there was also a piecing error), but decided it would just be easier to make another one.

The second time around I worked much slower, opened seams instead of nesting them, and starched the hell out of the whole process. This one came out the right size.

But then I thought, I already have that first block all cut out so why not unpick and redo it anyway? I used scanter seams (they were already super-scant the first time around) and also starched a lot, fixed the piecing error, and now there are two!

I can't wait to see the finished quilt, Stephanie! This will go in the post at some point this coming week.

Greetings from snowy Munich,


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Anonymous said...

So pretty. I love your choices in low volume fabrics!