Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Emily's trees for Hive 6/ January

I had a lot of fun with Emily's trees... but I need to practice wonky... My left brain always fights with my right brain and the left brain wins :(  I'll keep working on it.
Oh - Emily - if you came to Fayetteville, NC  I'd have lots of choices.  I was going to take you to the Special Forces Museum but when I found out you love trees I decided to take you to the Rockefeller Estate in Carver Falls State Park.  Bring your camera and walking shoes.  We'll have a lot of fun!
Mary Ann


Emily said...

These are fabulous, Mary Ann! Thank you! If I'm ever in Fayetteville, we will go to your state park! I rarely make it to the east part of the state, but that's really a shame.

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