Monday, January 25, 2016

January Hive 7 Cyndi's Block

January Block for Cyndi

My main purpose for joining Stash Bee this year is for skill-building, and this block certainly provided the opportunity to do so with matching seams and points! I noticed while making this block that my stash doesn't have a lot of bright colors, at least in the colors that Cyndi chose. Even though this block is scrappy, I wanted it to have a cohesive feel, and for the most part, I think I achieved that, even with using 23 different fabrics!

Name: Mary Ringer

Where I Live: Las Vegas, New Mexico which is the original Las Vegas!

Family: Most of my family lives in either California or Michigan. I have made a surrogate family in New Mexico.

Pets: I have five cats who love to supervise my quilting projects and who will pop up periodically in photos of my work.

How Long Quilting: I've only been quilting a little over a year but long resisted the pull for many years. It was being exposed to modern quilts that made me finally jump into the deep end!

Other Crafts than Quilting: I've been making glass and tile mosaics since 2004. I used to tell people that I quilt in glass when people would ask me if I was a quilter like my mother.

What Fabric Line to Buy Next: I have my eyes on Avantgarde by Katarina Roccella.

Social Media: My blog is On Instagram, I am MRINGER58, and on Pinterest, my screen name is Mary Ringer.

Favorite Book: I love to read and belong to a women's book group. We just finished reading Euphoria by Lily KIng which was a wonderful book, so it is my current favorite.

Favorite Show to Binge Watch: During the spring and summer, I enjoy having Major League Baseball on in the background when I sew. I also like many of the cooking competition shows like Chopped and Top Chef. But since I've become a quilting addict, cooking is a very low priority!

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Cyndi said...

I received your block Friday and love it thanks so much for your time.