Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hive 3 Bee Block heading across the Water

IT's not the greatest photo sorry Diana. I should have waited until the daylight for more accurate colours. It's on the way though as of last Wednesday

Any way here's my introduction.

Name - Gina

Where I Live - I live among the valleys and mountains of Wales in the UK. We are not England, we are a separate entity like Scotland.

As I'm not in the US where the rest of my hive are please bear with me for mailing times. It normally takes 2 -3 weeks for a block to get across the Atlantic in either direction. 

Family - Ive been married for 25 years this year and have a 21 yr old daughter

Pets - This is a sad one for me. Up until two weeks ago I had a black labrador. Unfortunately we had to have him put to sleep due to illness. I'm still grieving as he was my constant companion. 

How Long have I been Quilting - Probably 15 years or so. I started with a hand pieced sampler quilt at a class in my LQS and haven't looked back. 

Other Crafts - I dabble with stitchery and cross stitch. Although not a craft I'm normally found working in my garden in the summer. 

Fabric Line You want to buy Next - I don't  to be honest. I love batiks and tone on tones but alot of the fabric out there leaves me cold. I tend to go with colours rather than pattern and rarely buy a complete range. 

Preferred Quilting method - I normally machine piece but have got some hand pieced hexies on the go. I do all my own quilting on my domestic Janome. I've not got a special setup, just a large sewing table. The largest quilt I've machine quilted was 120"x120". It was a struggle but I managed it. 

Social Media - Facebook  - Gina Smith
                         Twitter - @druidquilter
                         Instagram - druidquilter
                         Pinterest - forty500times
                         blog -

Favourite Book - I like a good thriller and am currently reading David Baldacchi. I also love the Discworld Chronicles by Terry Pratchett

Favourite TV show to binge watch - I've never binge watched anything. I'm not a huge tv fan and don't watch alot. I prefer the radio.  I do like The Blacklist though and try not to miss that. 

Well that's me. I look forward to getting to know more about you all as we go on.


Unknown said...

I like the bright colors in your block. Can't wait to see all of ours together! (And so so sorry about your Labbie. Losing a dog is losing part of your heart)

Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

I love your block! So sorry to hear about your puppy. Losing a fur-baby is always difficult as they are so much a part of a family.

Jane Holbrook said...

Hugs and condolences. Black labs are so sweet and sensitive. I have one, age 9 1/2, their lives are precious.

Your block really resonates with me, I love solid, saturated colors.

Lauren said...

It is wonderful to have you from out of the country. I will be patient for the blocks. I have a wonderful Lab and understand how much you miss yours