Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hive 3 January Block from 'warmish' South Florida

I'm typing with trepidation - first blog post and first Bee. Fingers crossed!

Our Hive Mama is also our Queen this month and she requested a wreath block. Her tutorial is excellent and would make it easy to create your own Christmas quilt. This block is slightly better balanced than it looks. The tile background is making the bottom corner look darker than it is. It will be in the mail tomorrow Diana.

Our requested questions for the month:
1. NAME - I'm Linda Licht (pronounced by my husband's family like 'light'. The Germans and Scots have different ideas!)
2. WHERE YOU LIVE - I'm in Lake Worth, Florida. Pretty much due west of Palm Beach and very close to the Palm Beach Polo Grounds.
3. FAMILY - I'm crazy lucky! I've been married to my husband for 33 years. We have three grown sons, one wonderful daughter-in-law, one soon-to-be daughter-in-law and one adorable five month old grandson. I honestly think I couldn't have been any luckier in the family I have.
4.PETS - We have an empty nest gift of a German Shepherd. My husband got her for me the week after the youngest son left for college. Believe me, Emma runs the house! We also have a very mouthy blue Persian cat.
5.HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN QUILTING? - I made my first quilt when my nephew was a baby. He's now 35. Most of my sewing during the heavy car-pool years was confined to Scout merit badges, Halloween costumes and the like. It's nice to be able to quilt for pleasure now.
6.WHAT CRAFTS DO YOU DO OTHER THAN QUILTING? I've tried lots of different crafts, was a stamp demonstrator for years so my paper inclination is strong, but right now it's quilting and home DIY. (New to us house that requires a LOT of Kilz and then paint. A LOT!)
7.FABRIC LINE YOU WANT TO BUY NEXT - I'm eclectic in fabric. I like lots of the modern designers as well as Fig Tree and Bonnie and Camille. It's more about the color.
8. PREFERRED QUILTING METHOD - Honestly, I prefer to have someone else quilt it! ANYONE else! But I can't justify that on smaller pieces so I FMQ those and send out the larger pieces. I machine piece - definitely an 'ends justifies the means person in quilting' but actually enjoying hand stitching the binding.
9. WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Much more of a lurker than a poster but I'm on Instagram at llsmail,  Facebook at Linda Hite Licht. and Pinterest at gatormomof4. Twitter too but only to read it.
10. FAVORITE BOOK - I'm a reader. Anything from cereal boxes on up. Favorite book is like a favorite child - can't be done. Not hugely big on sci-fi.
11. FAVORITE SHOW TO BINGE WATCH - Oh my. What a guilty pleasure Netflix is! Had surgery four times in four years. Lots of sleepless nights meant lots of iPad binge watching. Sherlock, Luther, Gilmore Girls, Downton, Bloodline, Orange is the New Black, Call the Midwife....apparently my viewing is eclectic like my reading and my fabric choices.


Alison V. said...

This block looks great!

Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

I love the block Linda! Can't wait to see it combined with the others.

Unknown said...

I see your Pinterest name is gatormomof4. Does this mean you are a Gator? If so, Go Gators! Florida is the alma mater of both me and my husband. How fun! Oh, and your block looks great!!

Unknown said...

I'm part of the Gator Nation - all three sons are Gator grads as are our girlies. I, however, am a Seminole! It's a tough life ;-)