Monday, January 4, 2016

Hive Five January block for Aubrey

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!  I'm a first timer and really excited to be here.  Here's my January block for Audrey. I hope you like Cotton & Steel. ;) This block is deceptively easy and is absolutely going on my ever growing project list.  Can't wait to see what you do with all the blocks, Audrey!

And as for the questions...

1. Name:  Cheryl

2. Where you live: Middle Tennessee

3. Tell us about your family:  Just my husband and me for nearly 24 years

4. Tell us about your pets:  We have a cat named Sophie who makes her way into most of my quilt photos.  I'm sure you'll see her before long.

5. How long have you been quilting?  Thanks to a sweet friend who was brave enough to get me started, I've been sewing/quilting for about 4 years.

6. What crafts do you do other than quilting? I love to try new things, but my other favorites are crochet and knitting.

7. Fabric line you want to buy next:  Oh. I couldn't even begin to narrow it down. Unfortunately, it's January, and I'm back on my fabric diet. Maybe I will last until spring this time. So.Much.Stash.  

8. Preferred quilting method (FMQ, long arm, hand, etc.):  Definitely long arm at our local quilt shop.   I haven't tried hand quilting yet, but it is on my to try list. (Refer to #6)

9. Where we can find you on social media: Instagram - @wvgirlintenn  

10. Favorite book:  How about favorite authors instead?  Anything by Harlen Coben or Dee Hendersen. Lately I've been on an audio book kick.  Easier to listen while sewing. ;)

11. Favorite show to binge watch: Big Bang Theory although recently it was the Hallmark Movie Chanel.  It's amazing how one Christmas movie just rolled right into the next. ;) 

Until next time!

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