Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hive #2 Block from Holland.

FUN this is but also a little bit scary, never done this before.
{and my English is not that good sorry}

A little bit about me....I am a young girl from 57 years, merried for 35 years with a handsome guy {at least in his younger years, still won't swap him for someone else}
Together we have two lovely girls, both living on their own.
We still have three hairy friends in the house,
Wollowitz, Gandalf (the grey) and Bilbo {cats}
I work for 24 hours a week as hostess at the university of Amsterdam.
How long do I quilt long but since we started a quiltbee in 2005 I am really addicted.
It didn't fit under the Xmas tree but in december I got my own BerninaQ24.
Hope to start my own business with it.
On my blog [link] you can find more about it.
I follow too many blogs and clicker die click, more blogs to follow.
I think you know how that goes.

Making the January block took a little bit more time than the 1½ hour.
No problem loved making this block.
First starting to make a mess on my sewing table.
Than 8 blocks are done.
So nearly there.
Some fun fabric in it [at least I think it is fun]
So happy it is exactly the right size. ;o)
So Karyn I do hope you like it, I do.
Have a nice day


Unknown said...

I'm enjoying reading all the posts and just LOVED the way your block finished! Really stunning. And I think your English is wonderful!

Puppilalla said...

Marga this block is lovely. Well done and good luck with your new business. And you English is just fine. Looking forward to seeing more of your blocks.

Karyn said...

It's beautiful!! Thank you! I'm very excited to see the fabrics! Your English is perfect :) looking forward to working with you this year!