Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hive #6 - January Blocks for Sylvia

Hi Hive #6 Worker Bees, I'm Rebecca aka @oneweebird and this is my 3rd year in Stash Bee.

These are my blocks for Sylvia this month, I used some Saltwater by Tula Pink for the wedges and True Colours for the lines.

It's the second time I've made a Union Jack block for StashBee and although I looove them I can't see myself making a whole quilt.....I screw up too many times LOL

Let's get personal shall we?

Name : Rebecca Bird

Where I live : Tauranga, New Zealand, which is in the Bay of Plenty, North Island (best beach in the world !)

Family : 3 Boys 22,17,16 and 1 Princess 3 years old....It's just me again now as Princess's Daddy passed away two years ago.

Pets : None at the moment but the kids are wearing me down....maybe a cat...they wanted a dog but I said they have a Sister instead LOLOLOL

How Long Have I Been Quilting : About 14 years but earnestly for the last 5

Other Crafts : I used to Cross Stitch and Knit but I have little free time now....but I'm trying to teach myself Crochet

Fabric Line I'm Coveting : I very rarely buy a whole line but I have been waiting for Sommer to come out just so I can buy the Garden Shadow print, I loved her wallpaper print from Children At Play in the same colour but I never bought enough and it's OOP now.

Preferred Quilting Method : Usually I'm lazy and get my local Longarmer to do it but my goal this year is to do some more of my own and venture away from straight line quilting.....VERY SCARY

Social Media : 
website :
Instagram : @oneweebird
Flikr : OneWeeBird

Fav Book and Fav TV Show : The Help and The Walking Dead

Phew that's enough Me time, I look forward to sewing with you in 2016!


Unknown said...

These. Are. Gorgeous.

Karen said...

Wow, I really like that swirly fabric you used for the lines. Beautiful blocks!