Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hive 2 Block from Paulette

Hello Hive 2
I am Paulette from western Canada. This is my first year in the Stash Bee. I belong to a few other on line bees but we post everything via Flickr so I am new to using a blog. Karyn asked us a few questions so I will give you a bit of information about me. I have seven grown children (one set of twins) and seven grandchildren. I work in my home doing bookkeeping for my husbands business and I have a part time job in a stained glass store where we teach classes, do repairs and custom work, make giftware, and sell supplies to glassers. I buy fabrics because I like them. I do not consider the designer and never buy whole lines. I almost entirely buy fat quarters and only larger pieces for backings and borders. I do not have a blog and only follow about half a dozen or so. I try to sew a bit everyday. My studio includes a lot of glass too but sewing is at the top of my list. I made my first quilt in 1983. No stopping me since then. My stash is vast and my UFO' s are piled high. I am looking forward to sewing for everyone and have to admit that although I am quite experienced, this block took me more than an hour and a half to complete.  I only made one though so I hope you like it Karyn. 


Kath said...

I do like it! I'm gonna have to make one myself even tho it took you so long. Where did you run into problems - just curious? Do you know what fabrics you used (curious again!)?

scraps125 said...

Kath, I didn't really have any problems but it took quite awhile to make the eight crazy patch squares of the various colors. My fabrics are just a mix from my stash. A few are new but most of them are pretty old but nice and bright. I am really happy how it turned out. P.

Karyn said...

Paulette, I LOVE it!!! Sorry it took longer to make than the 1.5 hours :( I guess I didn't set a very good example as your hive mama. I'll work extra hard to make it up over the year :) I don't think I'd go home with a paycheck if I worked in a stained glass shop (or book store). I think quilting and stained glass have tons in common (as much as they are totally different!)

Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to see my awesome block! I'm so excited by the ones I've seen so far

scraps125 said...

I will be mailing on Tuesday and have to admit it is hard to part with. You are right about the paychecks. I do love my job and I get to play with color all day. Life is good!
Your quilt is going to be fabulous. I did get to dig into my stash, and try a block I have never done before. It's all good. Looking forward to the February block now.