Saturday, June 20, 2015

June block for Hive 6

Hi, this is one of the Julias from hive six. I really enjoyed making this block for Summer. My only picture (I was so efficient about mailing it!) is not as vibrant as the block is in person. The blocks I have seen so far are really quite lovely.

The question:  Have you ever participated in an online Quilt-Along (QAL)? If so, which one and did you enjoy it? If not, do you have any in mind or is it just not your thing?

I have followed a few quilt alongs, only one quilt done so far. Here's some info about my Giant Starburst, and here's a link to the directions. I loved making this quilt and would like to make it again. 

I do have two other QAL/WIPs that I am slowing working on. I will be making a few modifications. I am only a few years behind. It was hosted my material girl quilts
I keep wanting the join a mystery quilt along but I am so nervous that I will not end up liking my quilt or my colors, so I have not done that yet. Maybe someday :)