Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hive 6 - June 2015 blocks for Summer

Hello!  Hope this mid-June day finds you all well.

Summer requested Exploding Star blocks with saturated colors.  I had a hard time narrowing my choice down.  I also ended up making four because the first three were a little off so I remembered I have a "Quilt in a Day" Geese ruler to make the last one and feel pretty good about it not cutting off those points when you sew the stars together. :0)

Stash Bee 2015 Hive 6

The day was a bit cloudy when I took the picture so they are a bit dark, but I hope you like them Summer!

I also hope you're not floating away with Tropical Storm Bill comes through your area Summer!

The questions:  Have you ever participated in an online Quilt-Along (QAL)? If so, which one and did you enjoy it? If not, do you have any in mind or is it just not your thing?
Yes!  I've joined so many QAL's/BOM's and actually finished quilts with some of them!  I do enjoy the process, but sometimes I can't keep up because of work or other obligations.  There are also those that I just fall out of love with.  I have a board on my Pinterest account that I try to pin ones that I want to join but don't have time so I might be able to go back some day and try.  Here's three that I've actually finished the quilts completely.

Finished Modern Japanese BOM (front)Finished 2013 Skill Builder BOM (front)Finished Modern BOM2 front2

Y'all take care,
Nancy D. :0)

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