Monday, June 1, 2015

Hive 5 June Tutorial

Hi Quilty Bees,

Tisha here for Hive 5. Just a little about myself.  I am originally from Arizona, but for the last 13 years have found myself living in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my husband.  It is a great place to live if you love the outdoors (and we do).  My hobbies beyond quilting include a love of hiking and camping.  I blog over at Quilticav, but I have been a bit neglectful of my blog over the last couple months.  I recently acquired a long arm machine and have been spending as much free time as possible learning how to use it.

I am so excited for my turn as "Queen"!  Since this is my first Bee I put a lot of thought into my block and must have changed my mind about a hundred times (thanks a lot Pintrest!).  I finally landed on this block from Kelly over at

She calls the block Ziggy and you can find her tutorial here:

It also includes a nice demo of the Clearly Perfect Angle tool.

For my block I am only doing 1 color way.  Green!  It is my favorite color and yet I have never made a quilt using it as the primary color.  I have been inspired by the awakening of spring this last month so I would like a scrappy block in what I am calling spring green colors.  You know light/bright greens (if that makes sense).  Think limes, dark citrons, Granny Smith apples, lemongrass.

For the background please use bright white.  I think mine is Bella White, but any bright white will do. 

Here is my fabric pull:

If possible, try not to repeat any of the green squares.  

Per her tutorial you will need:

Green:  4- 4.25 inch squares and 4- 3.5 inch squares
White:  4- 4.25 inch squares and 4- 3.5 inch squares

In the tutorial she shows you how to use the Clearly Perfect Angle tool to make half square triangles without marking, however I used the marking method because I do not have this tool.  Use whichever HST method works best for you. 

Also as an FYI, because I am using 1 color way with multiple prints I assembled my block a little differently than she did in the tutorial.  I used my design wall to test the layout and then assembled in columns and rows.  Again do whichever is easier for you.  

Please press all seams open.  Don't worry about squaring up.  I will take care of that when I put the quilt together.   

And here is the block I made:

So my question for the month:  I know we all love quilting, but what I would like to know is what is your favorite and least favorite part of the quilt making process?  For me, the planning is my favorite part.  I love trying to imagine the finished project, sketching, figuring the quilty math, and of course choosing the fabric!  My least favorite part is binding.  Yuck.  I have 3 quilts sitting in my workspace right now that only need binding. I think my eagerness to start the next project makes binding such a chore.  

Thanks for all your help with my blocks.  I can't wait to see what everyone makes. 

Have a great June!




Since I messed up May block, timing, due to illness, I am jumping on this one fast.


I hope the 4.25 HST makes 3.5 finished HST, ?? I was confused I think due to the talk of " how to do this and that'