Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hive #4 May block for Barb

May Hive #4  Block for Barb.

Please forgive me Barb for being very, very late.
I am not usually a fan of quilts with HST's, but I really enjoyed making this block for you. I was happy with the colors and my points lined up.
The first block I made had a tiny flaw in the white fabric in one of the pieces. I am sending you some extra white and the second block. Figured you could take apart the first and rearrange if you wished.
Hope you love it, and again, sorry for such a delay!



Mailing tomorrow morning.

Your question was do we make quilts to use or see. I make for use mor than beauty. If I cannot snuggle with it, I do not make it. A while back, I purchased a whole bolt of Kona Snow, and it has been my background of choice for all of my creations lately. I love the clean modern look of bright colors on a white background.


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Barb Neiwert said...

Heather - your block looks lovely and I like the layout - thank you! No problem on being late - I'm afraid it will be winter before I find time to put all my blocks together into quilt form. But it will be fun then!