Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hive 5 June block for Tisha

Kelly here with my June block for Tisha. I think I am going to change our group's name from Hive #5 to Hive HST. It is something I have never really done before but am getting really good practice since it seems like nearly every block our hive has done has included HST. :)

The other thing this group has shown me is that my color palette preference was pretty limited. While I had hoped for this to be a stash buster it has actually been a bit of a stash builder. I've had to branch out these past few months, buying fabrics with reds and yellows and greens.... colors I normally didn't use or even own.

For Tisha I made her all green block and it was nice to work in a monotone palette. I will have to do it again soon!

Her question was what our favorite and least favorite parts of quilting are. I'm still pretty new at quilting but for me the favorite part is shopping! Shopping for fabrics and patterns. My least favorite part is probably all the cutting. I find it a bit tedious. I know most people say the binding, but the cutting for me is the worst.

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