Saturday, June 27, 2015

May Blocks for Nancy- Finally!!!

Hi all!  Well clearly May got away from me, and June almost did too!  I finally finished my May blocks for Nancy, SUPER late.  And they were so easy that I'm really ashamed.  But part of the reason is in the picture below.  We call her Flower, after the skunk in Bambi.  She is about 14 weeks old.  We have had her for a month.  I just got my sewing machine out for the first time since she came home, today.

I don't have a particular favorite flower, but I do love fields of wildflowers.  There is something striking about the colorful flower in all the green.  My favorite color has to be purple with pink and red coming in close seconds.  My favorite non-quilty activity is running.  ~Samantha

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Nancy D. said...

What a cutie Flower is! Thanks for the blocks Samantha!