Tuesday, June 30, 2015

QAYG Blocks - Fire Relief

Hello, Kelly from Hive #5 here.

As many of you may know from the email I sent out a few days ago, my sister-in-law and her family, which includes two children, lost their home to a devastating fire last week. What wasn't destroyed in the fire suffered major damage due to smoke and water. Insurance estimates that they will be displaced for 6 - 9 months while their home is rebuilt.

Ann, Mike, Ryan (13), & Nathan (8)

Just some of the damage from the fire.

This was actually her mother's sewing machine and table.
The sewing machine completely melted.

In addition to setting up a FB page and a online fund for donations, I wanted to make them something personal that they could keep with them while they find temporary housing (which has been a challenge in its own right). Something to give them comfort.... Quilts!

I was initially looking for any suggestions and contacts for fabric stores that may be able to donate some scrap bags of fabric... anything I could use to make a quilt for my SIL and husband as well as a quilt for each of my nephews, ages 8 & 13. Everyone in the StashBee has been so kind and many have offered to donate fabric and also make a block! It just was overwhelming and unexpected!

Leo from Hive 1 suggested a QAYG block which is something I've never done but seems like a great idea! Then there was a question raised about doing one with a backing fabric or without. So for those who think they would like to contribute a block... here is what I ended up settling on. I know everyone is super busy so please don't feel like you have to do anything. Even if I received one block, that would be more than I could ask for and one less thing I would have to do. :) This is totally an optional, if-you-have-time kind of thing. So feel free to chose one of the options below if you are able.

For my SIL/BIL (Ann & Mike)

If you are interested in make a block for them, I was thinking this tutorial was an easy one that could use a lot of scraps you have at home. http://www.vanillajoy.com/tutorial-scrappy-log-cabin-quilt-as-you-go-qayg-quilt.html Anything bright, colorful, scrappy. In this tutorial she pieces as she goes right to the batting. You could also piece the block together then quilt it to the batting/backing. (See tutorial below)

  • She talks about making some light vs. some dark. Don't worry about that. Just make what you think looks good with whatever you have available.
  • Please use a low-loft, natural (not synthetic) batting if at all possible. 
  • This tutorial does not use a backing fabric but please include a piece of backing fabric when you put it together. Plus it will keep all the batting fuzzies from clogging up your machine.
  • For the back, just a white/off-white, blender or low-volume fabric is fine.
  • The block should be 14.5" when done.

For my nephews' quilts (1 each for Ryan & Nathan)

I saw this QAYG tutorial http://maureencracknellhandmade.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-quilt-as-you-go-tutorial.html and thought it would be a fun one for the boys. It is basically just an improv quilt block. In the above one she pieced directly onto the batting/backing whereas in this one, she pieced the block and then quilted it onto the batting/backing. Honestly, whatever method works best for you is fine with me. I was thinking this improv block but in a mix of blues (maybe with a bit of red or yellow tossed in - but minimal) Think denim jeans, primary colors, etc. The boys are 8 & 13 so nothing too 'kiddie'.

  • In her example, she uses blocks that are 12.5". That is fine with me.
  • Again, this tutorial does not use a backing fabric, but please include one. Perhaps something neutral in gray tones? 
  • Also as above, low-loft, natural batting.
  • Feel free to do the quilting stitches any way you like. Have fun.
Thank you to everyone in advance who is able to take a bit of their time to help me out. I wasn't expecting that and it is pretty humbling to know that strangers can be so thoughtful.

Thank you!

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