Monday, June 8, 2015

June Hive 9

Disappearing Pinwheel was Jacki's choice for our block this month.  I love the block, as well as the color combination.  However, after 2 projects using this method for HST, I can definitively say I am not a fan of the method.  This was one project that I was glad I tried a practice block first!  Here is my finished block:

Jacki's question was  'are the blocks landing, taking off, or just milling about?"  They are definitely landing!  To me they have the appearance of someone dumping a box of blocks from above and they are falling down, settling into place.  Interesting question and even more interesting that I'm the only one so far who thinks they are landing.  Hmmm...wonder what that says about me?  LOL!


JackiB said...

This block is beautiful. Have you ever wondered what Jenny's secret is for slashing away and still having everything line up perfectly? I've watched for "edits", stops and starts in the tape, and haven't noticed any.

Toni said...

I suspect her secret is 'practice, practice, practice'! Compared to her finesse, I feel like a bull in a china shop when cutting & slashing.