Monday, June 1, 2015

Hive 2 - May block finish

Mrs Sue, I am so sorry for being the last minute late person! I did get the blocks done, but patiently waited to see if you were happy via instagram, and ... you were!!! They are in the mail today... WITH A TRACKING NUMBER!!! hahaha... wont make that mistake again!!

Anyways... The block was WAY FUN!!!

#stashbeehive2  #stashbee may blocks. Hope these are okay.
I did not notice until just now how OCD i can be about direction of prints!! Notice how when I sewed them back together the text and number blocks still go in the same direction!! :D

Where do you look for quilting inspiration? Share a favorite blog, book, magazine, instructor/class, etc.

Mostly .... Pinterest :D ... i absolutely love it!! I also love google search. 

I dont tend to "follow" blogs much. Recently there seems to be to much "political" ick about modern vs nonmodern... But I do love taking classes! I have had a class with Anna Maria Horner, Jacquie Gering, Caroline Freidlander, Latifah Saafir and Penny Layman. All wonderful ladies and wouldnt have been possible without my local guild, Front Range Modern Quilt Guild :D

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helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

Hi Angela, two strong feelings here, loving your blocks and jealous of your classes!