Monday, June 22, 2015

Hive 7 -- June blocks for Deana

They are finally in the mail!!
Deana asked us to use modern or whimsical prints.  My stash is deep but it's a bit light on modern but whimsical I have!!  Check out those flying pigs?!?
On a whim, I pulled out the Double Wedding Ring templates from Marti Michell on the off-chance that the curves in these pieces matched.  They weren't an exact match, but I did float the arc along the edge of my paper pattern to guide my rotary blade and get a smoother cut. 
 The piecing went smoothly as long as I kept the concave edge of the dark pieces on top.
I got hooked on quilting slowly during the Bicentennial in the mid-70's.  I started by hand quilting a top in 1973 that I had embroidered for a graduation gift for my youngest sister.  Once I learned to piece (about 1977), I was completely taken with the process of cutting fabric up and stitching it back together.  I had lots of sewing experience at that point having majored in clothing in college and I think I enjoyed not having to worry about how a quilt fit anyone. 
In 1979, I opened a small quilt shop in my hometown (less than 50 bolts) certain that there were thousands of other quilters as frustrated as I was with trying to find good quality supplies.
I was wrong!  So I had to teach hundreds of other women to quilt and what began as a hobby with no long term goals became a thriving shop for 26 years and a teaching career that still occupies a great deal of my interest and time.
Today I'm on the edge of obsessed with hexagons and their allies and specialize in working with Marti Michell's line of rotary cutting templates to teach set-in (y-seam) piecing.
I hang out most days over at
Can't wait to share my block for the month of July with all of you!!
Mary Huey

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