Monday, June 1, 2015

Hive#1 - June

I think I threw my planned block out the window four of five times and finally settled on this one - Loopy. I don't claim it as an original idea - as I have doubts there are any out there in the quilting land anymore, in the end it's geometry and there are limits to its variations - but I still sat down and did the drafting and maths and stuff - so for me it's new and exciting and MINE. (If you happen to stumble across a pattern for it on the web let me know and I will add a link.)

This is what the block should look like once you are done and it should measure 16,5" x 16,5"

end product - loopy

Fabric choice: no novelty prints please, no big flowers either and no solids - think geometry and swirley

What to cut:

(1) - 4,5" x 4,5" --- centre


(8) - 2,5" x 2,5" --- loops
(8) - 2,5" x 4,5" --- loops
(4) - 3" x 3" ------- HSTs for loops
(4) - 2,5" x 4,5" --- connectors


(8) - 2,5" x 2,5" --- loops

(4) - 3" x 3" ------- HSTs for loops
(4) - 4,5" x 4,5" --- connectors

Let's talk about ironing:

I'm a "sideway" ironer - so there is always the struggle to have the least bulk possible - this is what I came up with for this block. You don't need to follow this to the dot, but I would ask that you try to come out with the centre cross once beeing pressed inside and once outisde so I can comfortably nest the blocks.

Now for the sewing:

1. The centre - it's a simple square in a square block

If you are uncomfortable with that method or just a paper piecing junky - here is the link to the Quilter's Cache instructions and template

2. The loops
They are a basic 6,5" nine-patch blocks made up of 6 colour squares 1 background square and 2 HSTs

HSTs: take the 4 background and 4 colour squares (3"x3") and sew HSTs the traditional way - two in one method - (if you need a detailed instruction sew many ways will help you).

 Assembling a loop:

 3. The connectors

Join the four 2,5"x4,5" yellow pieces to the four 4,5"x4,5" grey pieces - to form those odd units you see below connectign the loops

Assembling the block:

Years back there was a funny little link-up where you would share random, not sewing related tidbits - so book cases, what sort of so you have, free standing, wall mounted, big, large, where are they? are the books in any order? are they yours do you have to share?

That's mine at the moment - the second (same) one hangs over the sewing table with the sewing and cooking books. Here we have university in the top shelf, fun sorted by language in the middle and serious things and knick-knack at the the bottom.
I don't share though most (ok almost all) of my book are in my old room turned home office, and I regularly empty the middle shelf to get space for new books and "drive" the others back home to store there.


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Granny Maud's Girl said...

I have a 6-metre wall of books and still am fantasising about buying an Ikea bookcase for a blank 2.5 metre space.