Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March - Hive #1

Here is a tutorial on the bordered star for March Hive #1

This is my first written tutorial.  Forgive my mistakes and lengthy tutorial.  I wrote it basically for the quilter that has not paper pieced before.  Hope you all can understand it. :)

Tools that are HELPFUL to have:

Add-a-quarter ruler
Cardboard (I use the 5” cardboard from a charm pack)
Carol Doak's Foundation Paper


*Blue fabric – solids or prints (the blue print can have white or red in it but no other colors).  Please no baby blues or blues that have a touch of purple in it. 

*Red fabric – solids or prints (the red print can have white or blue in it but no other colors).  Please no pink red, orange red, or purple red. 

*Kona White

 The Star

The star can be all blue & white, or all red & white, it can be blue in the center, white, then the red at the points.  All the red & blue fabric can be the same or scrappy like my sample.  You can even go red, blue, red, blue throughout the star.  The only thing I ask is that #2, #3, #6, and #7 be Kona White.


The bordered star template can be found at Quilting Climber.   Print at 100%.  You’ll need to print four of the templates.  Monica who designed the template has a 1” marker for you to verify that it printed correctly. 

NOTE:  when you see some of my pictures, you'll see that the writing on the template is backwards.  That is because I printed with a MIRROR image and I did not need to.  Once you get into foundation piecing, some templates have to be printed mirror imaged or it will come out backwards when completed.  This template that we are using, the design is the same.  So please just disregard the writing on the photos.

Place your fabric front side up on #1.  You'll be sewing on the lines and placing fabric on the non-printed side.

Next you'll want to trim some fabric so that it is 1/4" off of the #2 line.  I placed the cardboard where the #2 line is and folded the template.  I used the add-a-quarter ruler and cut the fabric at the 1/4".

The picture below is to just show you how I line the #2 piece of fabric on top of the #1 fabric. 

Once I line them up, I then turn it over so that I can see the lines to sew on.

You'll be sewing on the line between #1 and #2.  I take my length stitch down to 1.8.  This makes it easier to take the paper off at the end.

Dry Iron the #2 fabric over.  Turn it over and use the cardboard and fold over on the line between #1 and #3. 

Now you'll want to use the add-a-quarter ruler and cut after 1/4".

Now you'll sew the line between #1/#2 and #4.

So you keep doing these steps until the end.  Once you sew the line, iron, fold the next line, add the 1/4", sew again.

Here is how it will look like before trimming down.

When you trim, don't trim away the last 1/4" line.  That will be the 1/4" seem allowance when you sew them all together.  I take the paper off before sewing the star points to each other.  Sew A & B together matching seems.

Now sew all 4 squares together.

Note:  Once I sewed my first square block, I realized that when sewing, I should have sewed the line thru the 1/4" on the template. 

With a pen, just extend your sewing lines out.  By sewing to the end through where the 1/4" seem is for sewing them together, this helps secure them down.  Just a tip that helped me after I started on the second set.

I will NOT need a SIG block.  On the back of Quilts of Valor quilts I need to have a QOV label.  I will fill it out and state STASH BEE - Hive #1.  They ask the quilters to send a journal about making the quilt for the wounded soldier.  I never do.  I just send a card to thank them and let them know how much I appreciate their service and sacrifice.  If you would like to send a little note, I'd be happy to send it along with mine.  Just seal it up and stick it in with your block. 

FYI - Once I put together the quilts, I then send it along with the backing to a designated long arm quilter that I get assigned to.  They provide the batting and quilt it for free.  They just don't do a meandering design over it, it is gorgeous work.  Once I get them back, I'll post.  I then bind and ask for a destination for the quilt to go to.  My only 2 that I have done, have gone to a hospital Army Base in Germany.  So that is QOV in a nutshell.

Again, I really appreciate your help on these QOV quilts.  If you have any questions, about the star, just email me.

Thanks again! 



supersara20 said...

This is gorgeous, but I'm scared to death to do paper piecing. I will try my best.

Cindy said...

Don't be afraid. If you have lots of scraps....try making one in colors that you would want. I'm in no hurry.

Cindy said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get started! This will look great!!

KristyLou said...

Thank you for the detailed instructions. I am very excited to give this a try!!!

Second Chance Tan said...

Phewey....... This is a great opportunity for me to have a go at something new. I think I'll have a practice on some old scraps before doing the proper star though!! x

Second Chance Tan said...

I just had my first attempt at one of the points of the star..... if this was a wonky star block I'd be right along the right lines!! I have printed it off fine, and gradually got the hang of measuring the 1/4 inch etc..... but can I just check, I seem to have quite a lot of bulk of fabric because of all the layers building up.... is that how it's supposed to be?? Bed now, and another go tomorrow x

Cindy said...

There shouldn't be any bulk. Can you send a picture to me at my email. Spinthebobbin at gmail dot com

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Just bought the Carol Doak foundation paper on Thursday. Hoping to give this a go over this weekend! It will be my first time trying anything like this...wish me luck!

Second Chance Tan said...

Hey Cindy.... I was too embarassed to send you a photo of my first attempt!! But I realised what I did wrong (didn't line up the second bit of material neatly enough so I ended up with double layers of everything!) I have had another go this evening, and done four corners so far - which seem to be OK..... whoopie, it's taking me a while to get the hang of using the paper, but I'm quite enjoying it xx

Danny Heyen said...

Oh man. I'm so excited to try this out. Not only because the star is BEAUTIFUL, but because I've never done paper piecing before! Thank you so much for being willing to give your quilt away to someone who has served our country. It's completely self-less and I feel honored to be a part.