Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hive #2, Stripped!

We have been offered a simple but effective strippy block for this month, and, as it is my day off, I am off to a flying start. First bee over-enthusiasm, I expect! So here are my offerings, I hope they are acceptable to you, Miki. Why is it that the threads only appear in the photo? and not when you are setting up the shot?

First up, a green block, I saw Miki had added some pieces together to make a strip long enough, so I trust that is OK? And I have left the blocks a little large, so Miki can tidy them up at the end she prefers.

Second block is blue, all fairly deep blues, so I hope this fits the bill as well. When Miki tells all on her desire for a signature block, I will be able to decide whether to send immediately, or hang on and make this first.

Thank you for this block.


Miki Willa said...

These are great. If you haven't mailed them yet, could you please add a 3"-4" siggy block? Thanks.

kinter said...