Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hive #2 February from Sara

Samantha, your block was a bear for me to wrap my head around at first but after the initial square and the attaching strips to the corners it all made sense!  I had never made a pineapple but always wanted to.  I am glad I tried it but thank God that I don't have to make a whole quilt of it myself!!!

I dove into my stash and quickly found out I do not have many blacks or reds at all. But I did have enough reds to have a good variety and I used solid blacks with the two black prints I had. The solid black helped calm it down which I like anyway. I'm happy with how it came out. I also made a signature block which is made out of the very inside black fabric (glad I used it on such small parts or the white would have been too much.

Hope you like it Samantha!!!


supersara20 said...

PS, I just realized I used my Flickr account name on my signature block instead of my Blogger name! Sorry!

Lisa C in GA. said...

Great job!! I have to admit my head spun reading about this...I'm encouraged by your review!

Samantha said...

Love it!

I can zip another block together tomorrow and take better pics of the middle part if you think it would help?

I'm glad to do it since I'll need more blocks to make a big quilt and I plan to make more of them anyway.

kinter said...

Great block Sara. I have a feeling that it will make more sense when I sit down to make it!

Cindy said...

Yes please do another block with pictures. I'm sure once I sit down and make it, it will make sense. Going to go thru my FQ today and see what I have for you.

Danny Heyen said...

Dang girl! You're on top of things! I literally have ONE red fabric, but I need it for Mouthy Stitches. I'm going shopping.

supersara20 said...

Samantha, its the rounded corners that kinda throw you off but really once I got started it made perfect sense and was easy, just time consuming with the pressing and trimming at each step. I'm going to try to get a second one done tonight for you.

Danny, I'm moving at the end of the month so I'm on over drive with all my blocks this month, have to get them done and out before I have to dismantle my sewing space.