Saturday, February 11, 2012

help needed on pineapple block

I am needing help on this pineapple block. I have measured and remeasured but for some reason I can not get my corners right... there are little holes on each side where the stitching doesnt cover like it should. This is my third time trying this block... I must be pinapple block challenged!! I think I may have to give up this block, I dont know what else to do :(
I feel really bad... especially when I see all the completed blocks. I dont want to loose my space in the bee so any help would be great! :)

Thanks! Vickey


Miki Willa said...

Vicky, have you done much foundation paper piecing? If you are comfortable with that, I can work up a foundation for you and send it to you in a PDF, or by snail mail. Just let me know at mikiwilla at gmail dot com.

barbara woods said...

wish i could i have never made one but may try soon