Friday, February 17, 2012

Hive #1 for Samantha

So last weekend I started on Samantha's pineapple block.  I put on the first row of black and trimmed it like the tutorial and I'm thinking this is going to be easy.  Then I added the first row of red and trimmed it and I quickly changed my mind and realized it was going to be difficult.

On Wednesday, a friend and I went to A Scarlet Thread to see the largest quilt store in Georgia (if you ever get to Georgia, you have got to make a point to go to this is amazing).  Anyway, I brought my sorry looking block with me to see if I could find someone in the store to tell me what I was doing wrong.  A customer came over and showed me that I needed to buy the "pineapple" ruler.  She swore that if I used it, I would have a perfect pineapple block.

I bought it!  I love quilting notions.
So here is my block.  I'm not saying it is perfect but the ruler was a godsend.

I'm happy with it.  I hope you like it Samantha.  I made a sig block as well and it should be in the mail this afternoon. 

Cindy from Spin the Bobbin


Annaliese said...

i'm always interested in people's reviews of 'specialty' tools like that, glad to hear it was just the trick!

kinter said...

That is a tool to add to the list. Your block turned out great!

Samantha said...

Looks great! I am so going to go and find me one of those rulers! :)

Danny Heyen said...

Great tool! I'd never even heard of it!