Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hive #1 - February Pineapple - Jo

First time I've done this - so be gentle with me...

After joining part of the way through the month, I wanted to get stuck in so have "caught" up!

I haven't done a pineapple before - but enjoyed it! Albeit a bit frustrating after whizzing through the first attempt and realising it wasn't quite even - humpfh.

SO a second attempt was done taking more care to square up on each added layer and yay!

I will send you both and see if you can do anything with the first option.

Is anyone doing a copy of each block for themselves? I am - think it will make a rather eclectic quilt at the end!!

Hope you like!

Jo (Twinkle Toes)


Diane-crewe said...

well done for keeping going xx

Samantha said...

Love the fabric choices in these also! With the 'odd' blocks I'm planning to do something special either on the back or in the border of the quilt. I'll decide once I start putting the quilt together.

Thank you for your perseverance. :)

Rebeckah Austin said...

Love the idea of doing a hodge podge quilt of all the blocks you make :)

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Both look great! What a good idea to make a copy of each block!

Anonymous said...

That is a really fun idea!! It would be so fun to see it after the bee is over! Are you doing a color scheme or matching the requested colors?
POST YOUR COPY BLOCKS!! We want to see those!

Twinkle Toes said...

Sunni - I plan to do then exactly as I send, so I have two duplicates (including the wonky one!)of the ones above. I think the mix will be fun!

Lisa C in GA. said...

that's a terrific idea! I have that disaster paisley tree from Sunni's (lol) so all I would have to do is make another pineapple block :D I think I will make mine rainbow-ish scrappy, though, since that's how the tree is. Thanks for the idea!!