Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hive #1, Pineapple blocks for Samantha finished

     I finished my Pineapple blocks for Samantha - they weren't hard, but I did have to follow the tutorial step by step and refer back with each new step.  I made 2 blocks, each using basically the same fabrics, but in different orders so that they aren't indentical.  I also put together a signature block.  I'll mail them out this week...hope you like them!!

PS...sorry for the crummy photo.  I really need to buy an upload cable for my camera.  I hate when they make special cords that only 'they' use (Fuji, iPad, grrr).  And on top of that, it's almost always dark when I get a chance to photograph stuff.  Might buy a few 'daylight' light bulbs to try to fix this problem.


Samantha said...

Oh goodie! All this red and black is making my heart go pitter pat!

Glad the tutorial worked. I was starting to feel Queen Bee guilt over the difficulties that people are having.

<3 and appreciate all the hard work everyone is doing on these blocks.

The Sunflower Patch said...

I had to follow step by step too,but then this was the first ever pineapple for me! Love yours :)

kinter said...

Those are great blocks!