Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not quite a pair!!!

OK so this evenings task has been my pineapple blocks.......  I have really enjoyed this tutorial, and learning how to make these fun pineapple blocks.  However, try as I might I have not been able to get them to be the exact size they are meant to be - so so sorry Sam!

My first attempt is just a smidgen too big..... but I think will sew up OK.

(Ignore the bits that look orange, it's the artifical light, they are all red - just different shades)

But my second attempt turned out all weeny and small (like a second twin that didn't get as much room as the first), I kind of like it for it's cute-ness and 'not so good as the other one-ness' but I don't actually know if you will be able to use it in your quilt.  It's only 9" across.

My signature block.

Anyway..... a parcel of these will be making their way to you next week.

Thanks for an enjoyable evening



barbara woods said...

i just had the same problum with my disappning 9 patch

Samantha said...

I love them and you can bet I will use them!

I recieved one that was quite a bit smaller and I have a plan to use it in the quilt. I am great at faking things since I make SO many mistakes when I am sewing. :)

kinter said...

Oh no! They look great, though! Sam is a very talented quilter and I'm sure she can sew it up in her quilt!

Back River Designs said...

Those look great. I'm finishing up my tutorial for hive3 can't wait to start.