Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hive # 1 ~ Pineapple blocks ~

Here are my Pineapple blocks & also Siggy block for you
Samantha.  I hope you like them!
My photo doesn't show the detail of the fabric very well,
but what can you expect when taking pictures in crappy

The one on the left is a tad small,but as per your earlier
post I believe you can make it work.  If not,do with it what
you will ;)

Making this block was a first for me,the funny thing is that
the second block is the one that turned out a tad small.
Go figure!

I will try to get these out to you before the weekend.
If not then they will go out the beginning of next week for
sure :)


kinter said...

Those look great! I love the 2 different reds.

Danny Heyen said...

I think they turned out perfect! Mine came out small too... I hope it's still usable!

Samantha said...

I love the two reds too! I can make anything work. Maybe my block turned out big?!

The thing is, I was going to do a paper pieced block, but then I figured that would be to much trouble. Guess maybe I should have gone with that instinct. :D

The Sunflower Patch said...

Yikes! Paper piecing? Have not done that either,so I am glad that you didn't!