Monday, June 5, 2017

June blocks for Paulette

Queen Paulette asked for Big Nines blocks in red, black, and white.  I kinda got carried away.

These are huge!  I rarely make blocks that are 16 1/2 inches, but these came together quickly.  I think it took just as long to do all the cutting!

Paulette, I think I messed up the one that has only 2 fabrics.  Originally, there was going to be a third fabric for the outside, but I had a cutting mishap.  At that point, I had already made the middle 9-patch and the red had 5 squares instead of 4 like your samples.  I hope you can still use it.

Emily, Hive 6

1 comment:

scraps125 said...

The blocks look great. And the one with two colours is just fine. Thank you so much.