Saturday, June 10, 2017

These squares were so easy to make.  The white on the first one looks more white with silver in real life.  The red bordered one is admittedly a smidgeon smaller.  I took it apart, resewed and did not improve on it but sent it just in case you can use it.  They went out in the mail two days ago.  I'm having network problems.  I'm learning I need to start making my cuts larger and to square the units.  I'm not sure why I'm struggling with a dead on accurate 1/4" right now.  Hopefully it is just a matter of my eyes adjusting to the surgeries I've had on them this year.

Mary Ann H.

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scraps125 said...

Thank you Mary Ann. The size will be fine. I intentionally chose this block because I could trim all the blocks to a common size. I love them.