Friday, June 2, 2017

Hive 3 Block for May

Hello!!  My post is late (again) but by blocks are done and were shipped on Tuesday to Susan!  These blocks were a lot of fun to put together, and were very much like a puzzle to me. 
These are the two blocks I made for Susan.  Happy and colorful!

Susan, you requested to see our sewing space.  I am fortunate to have a whole bedroom in the house set aside for sewing.  My husband crafted me a custom table for my sewing machine to set down into after I showed him some Pinterest ideas.  He modified this inexpensive dining room table (think VERY inexpensive, super soft pressed stuff with a "wood look" to it!) and it's my favorite part of my whole sewing room!  Below are a couple of pictures.  One, the table is as it normally is.  The other, it's clean.  And my favorite "old man," Remington, says hello!

Looking forward to next (this) month -

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