Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hive 2 - June Tutorial

Hi All,
I'm moving up in the schedule since we had our June Queen drop out, so I wanted to find something quickly to get us all sewing our blocks again.  Last year I was in Stash Bee Hive 8 and made an Orange Peel Block for Renea but also made one for myself.  It has been an orphan too long and that  is where all of you can help!  I'm going to use basically the same tutorial with some coaching and pictures for fabric selection.

This method of doing the Orange Peel Block is using fusible and you applique the peel which I thought was easier than sewing the curves. 

Background fabric should be white with black print but read more white than black.  My preference is to have 4 different white/black prints, no cream.  You can use all of the same print if that's all you have.  An alternate would be white/Grey print if you don't have any white/black.

Petal fabrics are 1-Orange, 1-Aqua/Teal, 1-Lime Green, and 1-Pink. If you don't have these specific colors go for the nearest in that color range like a light blue if you don't have Aqua/Teal.  Fabric colors should be bright with more on the white tint side rather than dark, muddy black/shade type colors.

This block uses a template and finishes at 16" (16.5" unfinished).  The link to the Crazy Old Ladies Quilts Tutorial will give you all the steps for the process but please use the measurements below for the sizes to cut the fabrics. 

Please use the measurements and templates that I have listed below:

(4) 8.5" squares of white fabric with a black print
(4) 'peels' using the template + seam allowance- colors listed above - (prints or solids)
(4) 'peels'  using the template + seam allowance- made of fusible interfacing

Please top stitch the peels down by using a straight stitch approximately 1/4" in from edge of the peel. You can do the top stich as you finish each peel or do them all at the end once the 4 patch is all sewn together.
It will seem like the template won't fit onto the background square but it does exactly fit to just 1/4" from the corners.  It was really helpful when I made mine to draw a corner a 1/4" from the edge so that I could make sure the peel was in just the right spot as there is only a 1/4" seam allowance.

'Peel' Template- Make sure to check that it is printing at the correct size by measuring the 1" box

Crazy Old Ladies Quilts' Tutorial

I look forward to seeing what fabrics you all use and having your blocks join mine in a super cute quilt!


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