Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hive 7 - June Tutorial

Hi Quilty Peeps of Hive 7, Rebecca here from @oneweebird

My PC had it's brain fart fixed by my awesome bro so here I am on time and with what I hope will be a fun block for you all.

I've had pink and yellow on my quilt brain for soooo long I thought my month as your queen would be the best ( and quickest ) opportunity to get this colour combo out of my head.

Here is my colour inspiration, purchased on my last trip to Amitie while in Melbourne.

Sorry these are night photos but I'm sure you get the gist ;)

Background fabric choice is black/white or black/ivory/cream. More white than black but happy with what you choose as long as there is contrast to show your gorgeous heart (s) off.

For the yellow I'm asking for a lemon yellow or a bright yellow, please no cheddar or mustard or curry type yellows.....pastels are fine.

 As for the pink hearts.....any pink will do I love all the pinks!! I did try to keep my hearts in one shade of pink per heart....but it's ok if you want to mix it up.

OK on to the pattern....DO NOT FREAK is paper pieced but is really straight forward and I can knock a heart out in 30 can too.

Here is the link to the pattern by Piecemeal Quilts please check your printer settings. Most printers set to default print at 97% instead of 100%. The block should print out at 6 1/2" with the centre braided heart measuring at 6".....any problems email me and I'll see if I can help.

Here's what you'll print out. I haven't included a paper piecing tutorial as there are plenty on the web and it looks to me that everyone in this hive is pretty competent.

I've worked out the best sizes with plenty of fudge room. All the heart braids I cut 2" wide, some were scraps and were 2 1/2' ....plenty left for trimming. You will need six coloured pieces ranging from 3" - 6" long.

For A5, A7, A10 and A11 I used two  4 1/2" squares cut on the diagonal and for A1, one 3 1/2" square.

If you are using a directional print remember to cut one square from the top left down to the bottom right and the other square bottom left to top right.....also cut your 3/1/2" square on point for the same reason.

One handy tip is that each HST will line up with a braided heart seam so you'll be able to check you're all square.

Also when I trim I do one side first and then trim the rest of the seam allowances to my mat/ruler measurement for 6 1/2" ....even at 100% I sometimes find the print measurements are a fraction out.

This is what I've made so far and I'm excited to see what fabric combos you come up with!

As these are 6 1/2" blocks Laura did say four blocks would make up the allowed 12 1/2" requirement (LOL) but I'll be super happy with one pink and one lemon heart ;)

Have Fun!


Laura VanVleet said...

This is going to be lovely!

Rose Braun said...

Very pretty, I may have to make this for my new grand daughter.

lvkwilt said...

This will be a happy quilt--sunshine on a cloudy day!